Style Diving was born many years ago as our common dream ....
We were born from the point of view underwater Marine Protected Area of Portofino, we grew up here day after day, and here we have become dive professionals.
Dive after dive we could see the progress of what we have always considered our paradise and near, we traveled and known fact around the world observing the characteristics in doing our special ones that make the difference between a diving and the other
This passion could only lead us to want to create a Diving which based its work on the satisfaction of the diver and carers. A diving haven where on weekends after a week of work, and this is why diving with us means not having the stress of the dive time, but enjoy a day of sun and sea in absolute respect of his day. We wanted to find a location that would allow to forget even for one day the city and where carers could also spend a day at the beach on a beautiful bay like that of San Michele di Pagana, strategically located between Rapallo and Santa Margherita Ligure.
Our idea has always been that the coexistence of the different realities diving: schools with his students, individuals and technical divers. How? Ensuring peace and full availability on our part, without limiting the wishes of anyone. We set ourselves as a main purpose in our work the satisfaction of those who put in our hands their fun.
And finally and not least the security, which is not considered by us as we neglect fundamental, both at sea and in all the procedures of embarkation and disembarkation of divers and their equipment.
................ Now all this has come true!